Rules should be easy to find.

As before mentioned, there are lots of rules you'll need to follow to open your restaurant in a timely (and legal) fashion. Presumably the various agencies that define and enforce the rules want you to obey them for the sake of public health, fire safety, building code, adequate plumbing, etc. So why, I ask, are these rules so damn hard to find? 

Apparently many of these rules and regs are federal, while the enforcers of the rules are local (i.e. the SF Planning Dept enforces the federally-passed ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). AND, the federal laws are, naturally, not restaurant specific, so you're going to have to dig through pages and pages of irrelevant regulations to get what you want. I am piecing together a concise checklist of relevant laws that I haven't been able to find yet online. Stay tuned.