The rough sensibility of Northern California

"Sensibility" : the ability to appreciate and respond to complex emotional or aesthetic influences. 

The term rough sensibility is a term that I have embraced the last year or so to describe what we do on a daily basis at our flagship restaurant, AQ. From its inception, AQ was always meant to be something different: a unique experience that one can only find on 7th & Mission streets in San Francisco. What began as a casual neighborhood restaurant has been constantly evolving, stripping away at fine dining while always pushing to create dishes that are delicious, make sense and still serve 120 guests a night.

Food based on local seasonal ingredients is just the beginning. We look at the landscape of Northern California. To the north we have redwood forests, wine country, Sierra Mountains and valleys filled with agriculture. If you look west, there are pockets of beautiful coastline of the Pacific Ocean that are filled with delicious sea urchin, cod and seaweeds. Often, guests will ask me what kind of food we prepare at AQ. It’s not an easy answer as it’s food created by our imagination. 

In the last 3 years at AQ, the food has matured as I have as well, returning to the roots of refined cooking, respecting the produce, less manipulation. With that you start defining your locally rooted gastronomy, a sense of place.

We are an urban restaurant located in San Francisco but amazing farmers, fisherman, winemakers & cheese makers surround us.